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Government saving millions of dollars due to energy conservation - Paulwell

Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining,  Phillip Paulwell Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Phillip Paulwell
KINGSTON,  Jamaica October 13, 2014 - Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining,  Phillip Paulwell, says the government is saving millions of dollars from the implementation of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Project (EECP) in government offices islandwide.

Addressing an Energy Efficient Public Procurement Workshop at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay, Mr. Paulwell said several Government entities are already realizing savings in their energy bill as a result of the project.

The US$20 million EECP is being undertaken by the Government in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

He noted that the Civil Aviation Authority, spent $654,000 on the installation of a solar contour application and after 10 months, “we saw total consumption being reduced by 25, 000 kWh (kilowatt hours) representing a cost saving of $3.3 million”.

He further  noted that at the Spanish Town Police Station $360,000 was spent on the same technology, and after five months, total consumption has been reduced to realize savings of $ 271,000.

At the National Housing Trust (NHT), $1.1 million was spent  and after a year, consumption has been reduced by about  87, 000 kwh, a cost saving of $3.5 million;  at the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), where $2.3 million was spent, savings of  $2 million was seen over a eight-month period; while at the Jamaica Information Service  (JIS), $79 million has been spent to overhaul the air conditioning system, and there is a projected monthly consumption reduction of about 9,000 kwh and estimated savings of $362,000.

Minister Paulwell informed also that at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) and Victoria Jubilee, where $124 million is being spent to transform the air conditioning systems “we are going to be saving from that, just about $3 million.

He said that new technology is being utilised on the roofs of buildings, which has resulted in cooler Government offices.

“We have been doing some simple things for example, we have been transforming some of the roofs …by using a technology just to paint the roof using a special white paint…you would be amazed how much cooler the rooms have become. We have been using solar filming on our windows to block some of the sunlight,” he informed.

The Minister said the Government is determined to achieve a 30 per cent reduction in the public sector electricity bill, which is estimated at $14 billion annually.

He said some $4 billion in savings is being targeted, which will be used to address critical needs in the country.

“We are not going to stop this effort. Even if the price of oil goes below $50, we are determined to continue this effort because the money that we are able to save is money that can be used in so many other areas that require this type of spending.”

The workshop was attended by procurement and other officers from a number of Government agencies, including parish councils and was aimed at outlining policies and procedures, which must be flowed in the purchasing of energy efficient equipment on behalf of the state.