JAMAICA | Create a Resilient Tourism Corridor for Kingston says Senator Allen

JAMAICA | Create a Resilient Tourism Corridor for Kingston says Senator Allen

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica. November 8, 2021. Opposition Spokesperson on Tourism, Senator Janice Allen, says urgent decisions are needed by the government on the treatment of Kingston as a tourism destination, including plans for the capital city in the overall recovery of the industry.

In a statement today, Senator Allen, said with tourism recovery moving apace, the government must immediately clarify the situation regarding Kingston. “It could not have been the intention to provide the resilient corridor and special protocols only for some areas, when tourism stretches across the entire island.”

She said in much the same way that resilient corridors have been created for Montego Bay and Negril, a similar methodology should be employed in carving out an appropriate corridor for the Kingston metropolitan area.

Senator Allen said there are now many hotels, tourism-related businesses and workers in Kingston being seriously affected. She said many tourism interests in the capital city have been speaking openly on the adverse impact the continued exclusion is having on their viability and the future of the tourism product in Kingston, and ultimately the workers.

The Senator Allen says as the recovery has reached a critical stage, and  it is extremely important that the government addresses the issue in a fulsome way realising tourism’s importance to the overall economy of the country and the fact that the industry in the capital, Kingston, is of significance.  


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