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JAMAICA | PNP says CARICOM Statement engenders Hope

Kingston, Jamaica. January 25, 2019: The People’s National Party says it supports the Caribbean Community's (CARICOM) initiative on the current situation in Venezuela nand its bid to have a meeting with the United Nations Secretary General in an effort to reduce the political tension in that country.

Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Ms. Lisa Hanna, in a Press release today,, said the meeting of the regional leaders yesterday gave hope, as they reaffirmed established principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states, the protection of human rights and the rule of law.

Ms. Hanna stressed that as small-island developing states, we must act together, to protect the peace in our region.

"We must assist our brother and sister nations to resolve their conflicts through peaceful approaches. Regardless of where we live geographically, we all share this global space and are connected; our humanity calls upon us to extol compassion when seeking to understand the differences that may divide us." Ms. Hanna said.

The PNP Shadow Minister says that the decision taken by CARICOM yesterday carries the prospects of a peaceful resolution of the situation in Venezuela and that the Party would like to urge speedy action by the United Nations in response to the CARICOM request.

Ms. Hanna congratulated the Chairman of CARICOM, Dr. Timothy Harris, and urged him to lead the region with courage and balance at this critical time.
“Dr Harris must be supported as he urgently seeks a meeting with the Secretary General of the UN for assistance in resolving the conflict Venezuela." she said.


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