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Balancing her dream - Leneen Faith

Leneen Faith Leneen Faith
The summer of 2010 was a turning point for Leneen Faith’s dream. It was then that her children’s book series on Peacebe – a little boy who had existed in her imagination for several years, came to life.

Leneen was born in New York, moved to South Florida atbthe tender age of  four and was raised in the Pembroke Pines area of South Florida.

The daughter of a Jamaica mother, she grew up with five siblings and credits her mother’s tenacity for her dreams and aspirations.

"My mother raised us all on her own and she is a good role model, I grew up Jamaican. So I have a high standard to reach, because no matter what my mother was given, she always found a way."

This is the driving force behind Leneen’s creativity. A 4th grade teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in elementary education, she always had the desire to work with children.

Following graduate studies Leneen worked as substitute teacher at Park Lakes Elementary School in Lauderdale Lakes. While teaching at Park Lakes, there was a Character Education program but to her dismay the resources were lacking.

PeacebeLogo“Teachers would have to find the books on their own. At that time I had the idea of Peacebe, I wrote a few stories here and there, but nothing ever became concrete but that summer I wrote all eight books.”

With a palpable sense of pride, she then told the story behind Peacebe.

“Peacebe is a little boy who has a magical watch, named Heartwatch. Heartwatch can make Peacebe do some pretty awesome tricks!”

The books are centered around the adventures of six-year-old Peacebe and his magical watch – Heartwatch. Together they take children on adventures and teach them the importance of being kids with character. The books drive home messages to the young readers. Messages of cooperation, honesty, kindness and tolerance.

Leneen has worked on the project with her brother David who is the illustrator.

“David is very very talented, he has been illustrating ever since I wrote the books, we printed in June. Along the way my other brother invested in the project”

The project has been very costly , but for the most part her mission to go to print was accomplished with donations that amounted to $10,000.

“We have big plans, there’s a mascot of Peacebe and so much more to come.”

Leneen balances a busy schedule as a wife and as mother to three children.

“I’m trying to balance my dream of Peacebe affecting millions of kids one day, along with having a family. With God as my source I pretty much call out to him all the time”

Her objective is one of reaching out to children, teaching them about character.

“There is such a need, with these books I hope our children will become great adults”

There is no stopping Leneen Faith - her dreams are big and the sky is the limit.

“One day I hope it will be as big as Dora. It’s a very positive message combined with entertainment” “We want to get a publishing deal and then we will pitch to publishers, once we carve out a publishing deal then we would go to Nick Jr and Disney.”

With determination and hardwork, Leneen knows that this is only the beginning for the Adventures of Peacebe and Heartwatch and the possibilities are endless as the best is yet to come.

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