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Jamaica has the highest number of foreign criminals in the U.K.

LONDON, England December 11, 2014 - Jamaica has the highest number of  foreign criminals Britain, according to information published by the British Home Office.

 It shows there are more one thousand and 26 (1,026) Jamaicans who have been convicted in the UK.

This represents just over two percent of  the 47,000 Jamaicans in the UK.  Second on the list is Nigeria, followed by Poland and Somalia. The figures were uncovered by Labour’s immigration spokesman David Hanson using a question tabled in Parliament.

There are more than 700 murderers and 500 rapists among nearly 12,000 foreign offenders in that country,  the figures show.

how-the-criminal-nationalities-compareFor the first time, the Home Office has published a detailed breakdown of  the offences and nationality of  every criminal from around the world, who is currently on its books having been convicted.

In total, nearly one in six has been found guilty of  an offence, categorised as ‘most serious’ – including murder, rape, terrorism and sex offences against children. Murderers and rapists make up more than one in ten of  the total. 

Tory MP Michael Ellis, a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee said: ‘The hypocrisy from Labour is nauseating. It was the previous Labour government’s ramshackle immigration arrangements that facilitated entry of many of these individuals in the first place.

‘And the Human Rights Act created an imbalance in favour of foreign criminals which we are having to correct.’

The solution is to nationalise human rights so their interpretation is restricted to the UK's jurisdiction. That way foreign criminals could not evade deportation. Of course if they are in genuine fear of their safety in their home country, then being deported if they commit a serious crime may make them think twice about doing anything that gets them deported.

That's the problem with liberal progressive policies, they take away any incentive for foreign criminals to behave themselves, or show this country any respect. Well meaning liberal policies usually just create new scams for people trying to evade our border controls and immigration rules to exploit. 

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