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JAMAICA | Gov't Must Move to Secure Communities

President  of The People's National Party Women’s Movement (PNPWM) Jennifer Edwards President of The People's National Party Women’s Movement (PNPWM) Jennifer Edwards
KINGSTON, Jamaica, December 15, 2018: The People's National Party Women’s Movement (PNPWM) is calling on the Government to utilize the resources of the state to strengthen police intelligence and increase security presence in violence-torn communities so that citizens can be assured of their safety in the post States of Emergency period.

The body is also applauding the decision of the Parliamentary Opposition not to further support the extension of the SoEs come January 31, 2019.

The PNPWM says further that it supports the Zones of Special Operations in communities and calls for its implementation in areas where criminal activities have either continued unabated or have seen significant increase.

“We do not believe a State of Emergency can be a permanent feature. We believe that the security forces have adequate legislative powers to effectively fight crime without trampling on the rights of every citizen who lives or does business or has to visit or pass through the areas under the SOE.” PNPWM President Jennifer Edwards said.

The Movement says the nation must take into account the difficulties faced by working women who are faced with delays while taking their children to and from school and note this is often before and after long hours of work.

Ms Edwards said “Many of the persons who are detained have to rely on the females in their lives, be It their mothers; sisters or spouses, to provide the basic necessities of food, clothing and hygiene products while they are in detention and in too many cases these women are not even paid the courtesy of being informed that their loved ones are taken.”

She pointed out that the economic fallout for small business operators under the SoE, many of whom are women, should not be ignored as this is having a devastating effect on familes and communities at large.

“While we support the crime fighting measures, we must ensure that we protect the rights of the innocent, safeguard our families and communities and uphold the tenets of our Constitution.” Ms Edwards concluded.

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