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JAMAICA | JLP Calls for Paulwell's Resignation as PNP Spokesman on Energy

Featured People's National Party Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell People's National Party Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell
KINGSTON, December 11, 2018 - The Jamaica Labour Party is calling for the resignation of the PNP Spokesman on Energy, former Minister Phillip Paulwell.

In a media release this afternoon, JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang, says as it relates to  issues raised in the Energy Sector under the current JLP administration, there has been accountability via resignations at the Ministerial, Board and Management level.

However, Dr. Chang says "there has been no such accountability in respect of the Opposition PNP’s Spokesperson on Energy, who served as Minister for three (3) of the five (5) year span reviewed in the Auditor General’s probe. It is in this vein the Jamaica Labour Party is calling for Phillip Paulwell to resign as Opposition Spokesman on Energy, or to be fired by Opposition Leader Peter Phillips."

Dr. Chang says “it's also noteworthy and regrettable that over $5Billion worth of unaccounted for oil at Petrojam extends to the tenure of former Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell, who's now a PNP Vice President and the party's Spokesman on Energy”.

The JLP General Secretary further stated - “it's unfortunate that Paulwell who survived as Minister during the Solutrea, EWI, Netserv, Light Bulb and Trafigura scandals has now positioned himself as a voice of reason in relation to issues at Petrojam which also prevailed under his watch”.

The JLP says Phillip Paulwell should be held to account for the delay in the country's crucial move towards Energy security because of what the Contractor General had identified as Paulwell's "unfair, highly irregular and improper intervention" in the procurement process in securing a preferred bidder, EWI, to construct the plant. It should be further noted that under Paulwell's watch for the first time an International Development Finance Agency, the IDB was moved to raise public concerns and withdrew from the process which was crucial to achieving Jamaica's energy security.

The JLP General Secretary says silence from stakeholder groups on the issue of Paulwell's posture would be hypocritical, especially in a context where the AG's Petrojam report implicates Paulwell's tenure but the member in question now purports to speak with credibility on the same subject area in his capacity as Opposition Spokesman.

Dr. Chang says the JLP is calling for consistency in comments about this issue from Civil Society and various church groups. The party calls on these groups to support the call for Paulwell’s immediate removal as Opposition spokesman on Energy.

The JLP is further calling on Paulwell to recuse himself from deliberations of Parliamentary oversight bodies which are likely to shortly review the Auditor General's report on Petrojam which extends to the tenure during which he was the Primus Inter Pares of the Energy Sector.

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