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JAMAICA | Mitigation Fund Allocation Inadequate says Anthony Hylton

Featured Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Western St. Andrew, Anthony Hylton Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Western St. Andrew, Anthony Hylton
Kingston, Jamaica, June 7, 2019: Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Western St. Andrew, Anthony Hylton is today calling on the National Works Agency (NWA) to clarify misleading statements concerning the allocation of funds to constituencies for the cleaning of drains and gullies in preparation for the rainy season.

 A statement from Hylton noted that "specifically, he is requesting a breakdown of the allocation given to each constituency under the mitigation programme in order to manage public expectations as to the scope of work to be done on the drains and gullies."

Mr Hylton says by informing the public that $ 100 Million has been made available by NWA, the impression has been given that there is adequate funding for each constituency to clear and prepare the drains and gullies and to do bushing.

He said "with 63 constituencies, each will be afforded less than $2 million, assuming the money is shared equally. He said, “What is required to properly clean the drains in Western St. Andrew alone far exceeds the amount to be allocated.”

 “Western St. Andrew has the most drains and gullies of any other constituency in the corporate area and perhaps in Jamaica, yet the allocation for cleaning these drains and gullies have consistently been inadequate for the task at hand.  What this means is that the flooding of properties along Spanish Town Road and homes in the several communities of Cooreville Gardens, New Haven, Callaloo Mews, Seaview Gardens and Duhaney Park will continue to be a feature of the upcoming rainy season.” Mr Hylton said.

In a letter addressed to the Minister with responsibility for the programme, MP Hylton is seeking additional funding to meet the exceptional situation affecting his constituency.

“If there is any situation requiring additional funding support, it is the condition of the several drains and gullies in West St. Andrew, which have been overlooked by the NWA and the Municipal Council over the years resulting in the recurrent flooding of businesses and homes”.

Mr. Hylton is calling on the Minister responsible for the NWA and the Minister of Local Government to review the situation as it affects the cleaning of the drains, and gullies, as well as the need for bushing in the West St. Andrew constituency, ahead of the wet season.


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