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JAMAICA | PNP Chairman says no marriage of Banking Services Bill with SOE

Featured JAMAICA | PNP Chairman says no marriage of Banking Services Bill with SOE
KINGSTON, Jamaica, December 24, 2019: The Chairman of the People’s National Party (PNP), Mr. Fitz Jackson, M.P., says newspaper reporting of a “marriage” between a further extension of the States of Emergency and the passage of the Opposition’s tabled Banking Services Act is inaccurate and does not represent the position of the Parliamentary Opposition.

In a statement today, the PNP Chairman said he was approached by different reporters, who were interested in his plans for bringing the Bill back on top of the Parliamentary agenda. One reporter suggested a possible "marriage" which has not been proposed as a considered approach for the Party, as it was never discussed internally by the PNP Parliamentary Group or leadership of the Party.

Mr. Jackson said the Banking Services Bill is extremely important to bringing relief to Jamaicans from high banking fees, and he will continue to pursue its passage in Parliament, which some government members have expressed support for in private.

He said the Opposition would be vigorous in pushing for the new Banking Services law in 2020 as banking fees were totaling billions of dollars each year from account holders. “With the push towards using electronic payments and lessen the risk of carrying around cash, the fees had become burdensome particularly to low wage earners, who have now lost to the banks the benefit of the higher income tax threshold,” Mr. Jackson said.

The PNP Chairman is assuring Jamaicans, including the business sector, who have made public statements on the issue, that the SOE extension in January would be considered in the normal way by examining its benefit to the runaway murders and shooting incidents in Jamaica.


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