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JAMAICA | PNP says Gov't must start new year with credible crime fighting strategy

Featured Peoples National Party Shadow Minister of National Security, Fitz Jackson M.P. Peoples National Party Shadow Minister of National Security, Fitz Jackson M.P.
Kingston, Jamaica, January 2, 2020:  Wioth the advent of the new year, the People's National Party (PNP) has urged the government to immediately put in place a workable plan to arrest the murder rate as Jamaica cannot afford another year of the kind of senseless killings and criminal aggravations which took place in and continued throughout 2019.

Shadow Minister of National Security, Fitz Jackson in a media release, said the government must signal to the country very early in the new year that there is a workable solution to stem the ongoing crime rate and give the citizenry hope of a safe and peaceful new year.

Mr. Jackson noted that  without a proper plan, families and communities cannot be assured that their safety is a priority for the government.

Mr Jackson said the PNP has presented a set of proposals to address the crime scourge and has been in dialogue with the government and other stakeholders but these proposals are yet to be taken up by the Andrew Holness administration.

The Opposition Spokesman said, the PNP is firmly of the view that effective community policing, supported by the presence of Jamaica Defence Force personnel, would be a major step to address the issue of crime. There is also need to significantly improve the investigative capabilities of the lawmen and provide adequate resources for the Jamaica Constabulary Force. At the communuty level, sustained social intervention programmes need to be rolled out in key violence-prone areas. Together, these interventions would form the basis of a reasonable response.

He said the PNP’s policies would also see to the strengthening of a body of legislation to give certainty of punishment when perpetrators are apprehended and brought before the courts.  He said the government will have to commit more resources to the Justice system as too many ordinary folks continue to believe that the present system is stacked against them.

“It is a new year, and the government must send an unambiguous signal to criminals that Jamaica is not a free for all and if they are involved in criminal activities, there is a price to pay,” Mr Jackson said.

He said that criminality in any shape or form must be condemned and any association with crime and/or corruption, whether in the private or public sector or politics, must be exposed and severed, if Jamaica is to become the ideal place to live, work and raise families.

Criminal gangs have emerged over time in many communities of varying political influence but these must not be encouraged or supported. The PNP is reaffirming its stance against gangsterism and violence in all forms.

“We cannot afford to lose even one more life at the hands of criminals and therefore the government must be held accountable to bring forward a plan of action to ensure the safety of our people. We, in the PNP, have given our commitment to work on a way forward and we stand by that commitment; however, we will not sit silently in the face of government’s failure while our people perish,” Mr Jackson said.


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