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JAMAICA | SOE doing little to halt murders in St James, says Hylton

People's National Party (PNP) caretaker for Central St James, Andre Hylton People's National Party (PNP) caretaker for Central St James, Andre Hylton
MONTEGO BAY,  St. James, Jamaica, June 18, 2019 -   People's National Party (PNP) caretaker/candidate for Central St James, Andre Hylton says the ongoing State of Emergency recently declared for St. James is doing little to halt the latest spate of murders gripping the parish.

mountsalemzone 460In a statement this afternoon, Hylton said the brutal slaying of residents in broad daylight and under increased security presence has locked the parish into a normalcy of fear and trepidation; and it is now urgent that more resources are brought in to address this new crime wave before absolute mayhem reigns.

“The security forces need the support to properly investigate and bring charges against perpetrators. He said spot checks alone without detailed investigation and social intervention will not change the trajectory of rising crime in some sections of the parish,” Hylton said.

Hylton is expressing grave concern, especially for residents of Green Pond, where two people were brutally murdered within a week.

“There was a murder on Sunday and this morning, and even though the entire St James is currently under SOE, the residents who continue to give up their Constitutional rights and freedoms in exchange for peace and security, but the crime situation continues unabated,” Hylton said.


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