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PNP Youth Org. urges Gov't to reject UK's £25M Prison offer

St. Cathreine District Prison St. Cathreine District Prison
KINGSTON, September 30, 2015-The People’s National Party Youth Organization (PNPYO) is urging the Government of Jamaica to reject the offer of £25M from British Prime Minister David Cameron for the construction of a prison facility in Jamaica.

In a statement today over the signature of YO President Andre Blair, the Youth Organizxation said It is understood that the proposal is for this facility to house Jamaicans convicted of crimes in the UK, who would be deported to Jamaica to serve the remainder of their sentences.

"It is further understood that the proposed £25M pounds represents only 40% of the projected cost of the facility, and the Government and people of Jamaica would be expected to provide the additional 60%. This additional 60% would amount to £37.5M, which conservatively (exchange rate £1 = J$180) would amount to J$6.75B without the consideration of interest and other related charges assuming the utilization of debt financing.

"Even if the proposal was for the UK to provide the full economic cost for the construction of this facility, we would still urge the Government to reject this proposal as the costs associated with maintaining the facility and its inmates would still be exorbitant. If we were to conservatively assume that this facility would house 500 inmates at any given time, a rough back of the envelope calculation of a maintenance cost of J$2,000 per day/per inmate (JS2,000 x 365 days) would amount to J$730,000 per inmate per annum.

"At this rough estimate the housing of 500 inmates would cost the Government of Jamaica J$365M per year. In addition to these direct costs for construction of the facility and the maintenance costs associated with housing the inmates, we also have to recognize the significant socio-economic costs which will be associated with reintegrating the deported Jamaicans back into society after they have served their sentences.

"Britain projects that this proposal if accepted will save their taxpayers an estimated £10M per year when the transfer of inmates commences. These attendant costs will therefore be transferred to the Taxpayers of Jamaica.

"If it is that the British authorities are insistent that the convicted Jamaicans serve the full extent of their sentences for whatever crimes they committed in the UK, we consider it the responsibility of the UK authorities, and reject any proposal which seeks to transfer this responsibility to Jamaica and the Jamaican taxpayers," thsPNP Youth Organization declared.

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