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DOMINICA | Linton's United Workers Party to contest Friday's General Elections

Featured Prime Minister and leader of the Dominica Labour party Roosevelt Skerrit in conversation with challenger and opposition leader Lennox Linton, leader of the United Workers party, UWP. Prime Minister and leader of the Dominica Labour party Roosevelt Skerrit in conversation with challenger and opposition leader Lennox Linton, leader of the United Workers party, UWP.
ROSEAU, Dominica, December 4, 2019 - Despite efforts by the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) to delay Dominica's general elections  including an appeal to the High Court, citizens of that CARICOM member state will go to the polls on Friday December 6 to elect a new government.

This follows a ruling yesterday by Dominica's High Court judge Justice Bernie Stephenson, that the court has no jurisdiction to postpone the December 6 general election.

Justice Stephenson said elections are governed by the Constitution and the court cannot entertain the application.  She said an election petition would be the best option to settle the dispute.
In the application, seven Dominicans argued that the general election should not be held until the names of ineligible voters are removed from the list and all objections filed before November 19 are dealt with in accordance with the laservice w.
The elections will see the UWP, led by Opposition Leader Lennox Linton trying to take away the leadership of that Caribbean country from the ruling Dominica Labour Party led by prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit who the polls are giving an edge to will the elections for yet another term.
The elections have been marred by sporadic violence which has led to a US State Department travel advisory being placed against the island resulting in at least one airline modifying its service to that tourist resort.
In an address to the nation on Monday night, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit called on the United Workers Party (UWP) and its leaders to put an end to the lawlessness in the country.

“I am calling on Lennox Linton, Edison James and the UWP to bring an end to this lawlessness,” he remarked. “I am calling on them to tell their supporters to stop.”

Skerrit continued, “I am calling on Linton and the UWP to put Dominica first.”

He said the government of Dominica has every confidence that local security forces are fully competent and committed to exercise in the skills and restraint required in the face of these acts of provocation.

“They will maintain safety and law and order in our country,” Skerrit stated. “They will not let the situation get out of hand and a few people tarnish Dominica’s good name.”

He reminded everyone that the laws under which these elections are taking place have governed national elections in Dominica, “No matter which party was in government or opposition.”

He said that as a mature and responsible political party, the DLP is concerned about the well-being of all Dominicans.

“We will not put a single individual in harm’s way or at risk,” Skerrit said.

In response, Opposition Leader Lennox Linton said Roosevelt Skerrit’s attack on the people’s right to free and fair elections and his "unrelenting assault on the constitutional law and good governance have provoked the people to resist, protest and demonstrate as they stand up for Dominica.”

He said the justice issues for the people of Marigot are clear and need to be addressed “before we start talking about anything about peace,” adding that the UWP support peace in Marigot and everywhere else in Dominica, “but I support justice first.”

“When people stand for rights and justice, I don’t have a moral obligation to be talking about peace because I have been long enough in this world to know there really cannot have any peace without justice,” Linton declared.

He said the UWP will contest the 2019 General Election on Friday 6th December in order to protect the public interest against dictatorship in Dominica.

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