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GUYANA | Four nominees shortlisted for GECOM Chair, 5 rejected, 2 under active consideration

Featured Prfesident David Granger Prfesident David Granger
GEORGETOWN,  Guyana, July 10, 20-19 - Guyana's president David Granger says his government is intent on ensuring the conduct of credible elections as soon as possible said, President David Granger.

The Head of State, in an address to the nation yesterday afternoon, said his government would adhere to the rulings of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in selecting a chairman for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Representatives of the government, along with the opposition, will work on six agreeable names.

To date, a list of nominees has been submitted by the leader of the opposition and a meeting between the two sides held. The government has also submitted a list of eight nominees.

“The government side is adhering to the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice [CCJ] and to the agreement with the leader of the opposition. The government side remains committed to continuing the dialogue and concluding the selection process within days to enable the Elections Commission to function. Once done, Guyanese can expect credible elections in the shortest possible time,” President Granger underscored.

In his address, the president reminded that via a letter written by Gail Teixeira on behalf of the leader of the opposition to the Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon, indicated that “the leader of the opposition is not averse to the president informally suggesting names in their proposed engagement for his consideration”.

Granger said that both sides have agreed to “establish a joint working group which will shortlist the names to six and present the list to the Leader of the Opposition before it is presented to me.”

He noted that it was also decided that this submission of names, will include also suggestions which he presented for inclusion on that list.

The head of state noted that a date for elections can only be announced when the chairman is sworn in, and that person will have to advise him on GECOM’s readiness to hold elections.

“The president, acting on the advice of the Elections Commission that it is ready to conduct elections, will proclaim a date for those elections. This necessitates the chairman of GECOM being in place as early as possible,” the president declared.

In the meantime, Government and the opposition again met  yesterday to discuss the nominations of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency,

Joseph Harmon said that this latest meeting saw from, “the eleven names, four shortlisted. Two are still under active consideration, and five have been rejected with reasons given.” The names of those rejected from the list were not shared so as not to compromise their integrity due to their positions in society.

Another “hammering out meeting” will be held, at 16:00hrs on Thursday, at Castellani House, Georgetown. In the meantime, the Director-General is optimistic that the eight nominees submitted by President David Granger will result in the opposition offering a view or opinion. “They have indicated that the leader of the opposition might bring some additional names.” He restated the intention to conclude the discussion before the end of the week.

The two teams are meeting to ‘hammer out’ the names of persons that will comprise the list of six which the leader of the opposition will then present to President Granger, who will choose one person to be named as GECOM’s chair.


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