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GUYANA | "Guyanese will never be poor again" declares Granger

From left, Joseph Harmon, Sandra Granger, David Granger and Khemraj Ramjattan at the APNU+AFC 2020 election campaign launch. From left, Joseph Harmon, Sandra Granger, David Granger and Khemraj Ramjattan at the APNU+AFC 2020 election campaign launch.
GEORGETOWN,  January 5, 2020 - Guyana's governing coalition, A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) on Friday kicked off the new year with the launch of the coalition’s 2020 general election campaign which say thousands of persons gathered at the D'Urban Park  in Georgetown.

In making his case for re-election, President David Granger called for the APNU+AFC coalition to remain in office due to the inclusive nature of the governance that they offer to move Guyana forward.

“We have put an end to winner take all politics. There is room for everybody in the big Benab; no more winner takes all” said Granger to a roaring round of applause. 

Granger outlined some of his party’s plans for Guyana, which he said are geared towards benefitting current and future generations. 

“We have a plan. We are building back the economy. We are protecting the environment. We have a plan. We are opening enterprise for young people. We have a plan. We are ensuring every child is in school. We have a plan,” he said.

“Guyanese will never be poor again. That oil wealth belongs to you” Granger declared, reminding Guyanese that his recently launched ‘Decade of Development’ agenda will guarantee continued wealth of all Guyanese. 

According to the President, the revenues to be derived from the oil industry will directly benefit each Guyanese over the next ten years and that will be realized in a number of ways. 

“We have made a pledge that every child will go to school. We will make sure that every young person going to school will have a job after leaving school. We are going to convert to solar and gas,” he said, pleading with Guyanese to give the coalition another opportunity to continue its mandate. 

 “We inherited a messed up environment. We are trying to clean up the dirt. We are going to protect the environment and the earth that was neglected” Granger said, pointing out that the indigenous people of Guyana cannot be neglected.  

He said constitutional reform will be high on the agenda of an APNU+AFC government, adding that the coalition initiated the process for Constitutional reform upon assumption to office in 2015, but was never able to implement the recommendations provided in the report.  

The President said there has been steady progress under his government despite efforts to throw its development plan off course.

Coalition member and leader of the AFC, Kemrajh Ramjattan, in his address, gave a resounding endorsements of Granger, pointing out that the coalition is being “led by a man who is undoubtedly fit and proper – David Granger. Always calm but strong, always honest, measured and intellectual. Government in Guyana needs brains not brauns,” Ramjattan said.

Ramjattan who is expected to be the coalition's prime ministerial candidate, said Granger was “properly qualified and certified and who led the tremendous progress so far” in contrast to an “arrogant, feral” PPP led by Irfaan Ali “whose qualifications are questionable and who seem not to know where his certificates will come from.”

The AFC Leader thanked  prime minister Moses Nagamootoo for his service and said there would be a role for him in the future. “Moses, you continue to serve us well and I want to say ‘thank you’ and I look forward for your continued leadership,” he said to rousing applause.

The revised political agreement binding the coalition, the Cummingsburg Accord, signed by Granger and Ramjattan on December 24, 2019, provides for Granger to assign the AFC four ministries of his choice and the party will get to decide and make recommendations on who will head those.

In the revised accord, the AFC’s parliamentary seat allocation has been reduced from 40 percent to 30 percent.


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