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JAMAICA | Montague must be Sanctioned for Misleading the Jamaican People says PNP

Featured Former minister of National Security Robert Montague Former minister of National Security Robert Montague
KINGSTON, Jamaica, October 11, 2018: The Parliamentary Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) is again calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to sanction former national security minister Robert Montague for misleading the Jamaican people.

A news release from the PNP todaiy said "it is now proven from testimony at the Internal and External Affairs Committee of Parliament by  the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Ms Dianne McIntosh, that the former security minister has deliberately misled the Jamaican people.

IAccording to the PNP, "in a hastily called news conference in August of this year, Minister Montague, after it was revealed that he approved 29 gun licences to persons with adverse traces, claimed that those licences were granted on the advice of a committee he had empanelled that unanimously overruled the decisions of the FLA, its Review Board and the police. This resulted in 29 gun licences being issued to persons who should have been rightly denied the permits."

"At this press conference in August, Minister Montague said, “As Minister, I took the additional policy decision to improve the governance of this process, ...I empanelled a committee of six persons, very senior within the national security framework to sit as part of an appeals panel, I did not do it alone,” the PNP reminded.

"In answering questions before the Internal and External Affairs Committee of Parliament on Tuesday, Ms McIntosh stated that there was no review committee as described by Minister Montague at his press conference and in media reports," the release said.

"She explained that there is normal administrative support to all Ministers from the various units within the Ministry, such as the Protective Security Division and the Legal Division, as a routine course of action which is available to all security ministers," the PNP noted.

The Party says based on the obvious contradiction between Minister Montague’s statement to the press and the testimony of the Permanent Secretary to the parliamentary committee, Minister Montague’s account about this specially empanelled review body amounts to a flat-out lie to the nation.

It is an accepted principle in political administration that a Minister lying to cover up his actions is considered a high crime and therefore should be sanctioned.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness continues to embrace the lack of integrity and candour as clearly displayed by Minister Montague as transferring him from one ministry to another does not address the core issue of deceit, the PNP said.

According to the PNP, Jamaica deserves better and the Prime Minister must act decisively to stem the rampant corruption in his government.


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