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2018: Denuclearization Endeavor in DPRK, in the Face of US Blackmail

Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, and US president, Donald Trump Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, and US president, Donald Trump
Pyongyang, North Korea, December 25, 2018 -  (Prensa Latina) Denuclearization on the Korean peninsula went through 2018 between the efforts of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and US blackmail and coercion.

In this region of East Asia, as in the world, the year also ends with a growing spiral of uncertainty due to the inertia in the dialogues in favor of the denuclearization between the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, and the US president, Donald Trump.

In this sense, there are many who in the world recognize that from early in 2018 the DPRK set itself the immediate goal of alleviating tensions in this area of the world, from actions en route to denuclearization.

Early last spring, Pyongyang's decision to eliminate the nuclear test site at Punggye-ri was applauded by the international community.

In that opportunity, North Korea certified in a transparent way, before world public opinion, the stop of nuclear tests, the end of the tests of that type of weapon and the cessation of the tasks of assembly of nuclear warheads in ballistic missiles of short, medium and long ranges.

For the aforementioned date, this country had reached its goal of developing nuclear weapons, thus ensuring the integrity of the nation and its legitimate defense, if necessary, according to the chairman of the State Committee, Kim Jong Un.

Likewise, and as part of itsactions of good faith regarding denuclearization, the North Korean authorities also executed the dismantling of the rail-mounted haulage structure on the launch pad of the Sohae or Tongchang-dong aerospace center, place close to this capital and from where in 2012 was launched into space, for peaceful purposes, its satellite Kwangmyongsong-3.

In the aforementioned site were also made, at different times of this century, tests for local ballistic missile engines capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Outside the country, Kim Jong Un signed with Donald Trump in the Singapore capital a document of security commitments and reaffirmation of responsibility to complete the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

That text did not mean that North Korea endorsed commitments to denuclearization, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, acknowledged last summer.

At no time in 2018 Pyongyang expressed that it will eliminate the most lethal defensive and persuasive weapon achieved in some 70 years of socialist construction, the Korean Foreign Ministry said at various times this year.

This idea is underlined in the text of the joint statement released by Pyongyang and Seoul in Panmunjom on April 27, after the meeting between Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

In spite of all the above, in 2018 US continued with his ravings and the traditional and failed policy of intimidation and coercion for this country to be denuclearized.

Washington insisted and achieved before the UN and its allies to continue and strengthen the international sanctions policy against the DPRK.

All in spite of claims by world leaders and international organizations and agencies to loosen or eliminate those measures of a severe blockade in response to the evident concrete actions developed by Pyongyang as part of the progress in its denuclearization program.

In the vicinity of the twilight of 2018, President Donald Trump raised the tone of coercion, blackmail, and insistence so that Pyongyang claudicate and denuclearize, without the United States doing the same with its military assets in South Korea.

On December 20, the DPRK stated categorically that the denuclearization of one side is a mirage of the United States, and reaffirmed that it will not eliminate its nuclear weapons under pressure or threats from Washington.

It is clear that Kim Jong Un does not pretend that his people are victims of the barbarity committed in 2011 by multinational forces that the US commanded to overthrow and assassinate Muammar Gaddafi in the Great Socialist Peoples' Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

Since the aforementioned lesson was very well learned by Kim Jong Un, North Korea remains attached to the will to protect its great and strong defensive swords to deter any enemy attempt to destroy the national unity achieved in 70 years of hard work of its people.

For the DPRK to denuclearize itself is to put an end to its nuclear weapons development program and move forward until true peace is reached throughout the Korean Peninsula, without an official agreement since the end of the war.

The United States understands that denuclearization means getting rid of nuclear weapons, dismantling them and the DPRK destroying its uranium plant.

Complete, absolute, verifiable and irreversible DPRK denuclearization is what Washington demands.

The continuity of goodwill actions by North Korea and a sharper aggravation of US intimidation and coercion to press the DPRK according to Washington standards, must, regrettably, be trends for 2019.

At least, until Kim and Trump meet again personally if that second meeting ever happens.

To denuclearize, according to the 'US-style' is not an option that is visualized from this capital for 2019, nor on the furthest horizon of the DPRK.

However, there is certainty that in 2019 North Korea will continue its leadership and good intentions in all its actions to denuclearizethe country, despite the US.

* Prensa Latina Special Envoy in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

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