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Israel prevents FIFA delegation from entering Gaza

A FIFA delegation promotes a rehabilitation project pitches in Gaza. | Photo: Archive A FIFA delegation promotes a rehabilitation project pitches in Gaza. | Photo: Archive
The Israeli Government has prevented A FIFA delegation from undertaking a planned a visit to Gaza, in order to provide a rehabilitation project to upgrade ten football fields destroyed during the Israeli bombardment.

The Israeli authorities prevented access to Gaza with a delegation of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) that drives a rehabilitation project of soccer fields destroyed during the military aggression of Israel to Palestine, an official told EFE.

The president of the Palestinian Council for Sports in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh Absalam said the FIFA delegation could not enter and explained that the Israeli authorities prevented their entry at the border crossing controlled by the army of the country.

The FIFA delegation had planned a visit to Gaza to present a rehabilitation project lawn ten football fields Falastin Al-Yarmuk and destroyed during the Israeli bombings in July and August last year.

FIFA considers Palestine as a full-fledged member since 1998 and today the number of licenses issued to Palestinians exceeds 19,000.

Last Saturday, Israeli soldiers carried out attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank (capital) that left the three wounded and five detainees .

A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that more than 3000 children were injured and a thousand of them left with lifelong disabilities in the Israeli onslaught of 50 days on the Gaza Strip between July and August this year. 

On offense called "Edge Protector", which since Israel recognized as war , the Zionist government killed more than 2000 100 Palestinians, some 18,000 homes were destroyed by the constant bombing and more than 100 thousand people were left homeless.

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