JAMAICA | PNP Provides Mental Health Support for Jamaican Students studying in Ukraine

JAMAICA | PNP Provides Mental Health Support for Jamaican Students studying in Ukraine

KINGSTON, Jamaica, February 28, 2022 -  People’s National Party President, Mark Golding, MP has secured the commitment of a group of psychiatrists to provide counselling services to Jamaican students studying in the Ukraine who may have been affected by the Ukraine/Russia conflict and feel the need for those services. 

The team of six includes volunteers from the Jamaica Psychiatric as well as the Jamaica Psychological Associations, and is headed by renowned Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Winston De La Haye, who is a former Chief Medical Officer of Jamaica. Dr De La Haye, who studied in Hungary, is knowledgeable of the territorial, political and social conditions in that region, and can offer therapy with an understanding of the context. He still maintains relations with professionals in the region, and is willing to leverage those relationships to the advantage of the students who remain in Eastern Europe. 

Mr Golding has already connected Dr De La Haye with the students who he is in contact with, and is using this medium to extend the offer to all affected students. Mr Golding said, “The mental health aspect of such an ordeal is as critical as the physical. While we seek to ensure that the students are physically out of harm's way, we must also see to their mental wellbeing. I am grateful that Dr De La Haye and his team have agreed to provide their services at no cost to the students, and I hope that those in need will take up the offer and begin their journey of healing as they come to grips with the impact of the ordeal they have gone through.”

The services are available to students who may still be in Ukraine, have successfully crossed the border into neighbouring countries such as Poland and Romania, and also to those who have made their way home to Jamaica, provided they can connect electronically. 

Mr Golding has advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dr De La Haye’s offer, and therefore students may access the services through the Ministry. If they prefer, students may contact Dr De La Haye directly, via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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